The challenge

Just like the human organism, an accumulator cell reacts with stress on extreme temperatures. This kind of thermal stress not only degrades the efficency of the cell, but also shortens it's useful life in return. How can a battery cell be thermally conditioned to allways operate under optimal thermal conditions?

The invention

The idea behind the RES-Tube Cell is the fusion of a battery cell and a heat transfer element such as a channeled structure or a heat pipe. With the RES-Tube Cell heat can be transfered onto a heat carrying fluid from the inside as well as from the outside of the cell. Improved thermal conditioning leads to an increased electrical efficiency and prolongues the useful life span of the RES-Tube Cell.

The advantages

  • optimal thermal conditioning of a battery cell
  • prolongued life cycle
  • new method of production

The applications

  • traction battery for electrical vehicles
  • improved battery cell for all kinds of electrical devices