The challenge

As a special form of a conveyor system, an escalator connects two platforms separated by a given height. The single steps are linked to each other and form a rotary chain just like the bucket chain of a dredge. Can an escalator be built as an uninterrupted rotary chain with the steps face up?

The invention

The RES-Escalator, revealing a rotary chain made of steps that are vertically aligned by sliding bearings, can be arranged in a circular ring. The steps roll on a guiding ring which at its lower and upper end forms a platform to enter the escalator. In one movement the steps simultaneously are going up and down.

The advantages

  • Space saving solution for an escalator
  • Up and down conveyer
  • Endlessly running conveyer

The applications

  • Escalator for underground stations, warehouses, hotels...
  • Free formed three-dimensional curves for a people mover